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1. "I get audio, but no video in the VHS2DVD Wizard software."


This should fix your problem:


Make sure you have your video capture device plugged in before running the configuration utility.

Also, if this doesn't work, try following the same process, but get into the configuration utility this way:

Insert the VHS2DVD Wizard CD and browse to the "Drivers" directory. Then run the "StkATVAp" program and see if you get the utility.


2. "I don't get video or audio in the software, or the software doesn't capture anything."


First, make sure the video capture device installed properly.

Go to Start -> Control Panel -> System and go to System -> Device Manager and make sure "USB 2861" or "Syntek" is listed. It should be under imaging devices.

If it is not there, make sure you install the driver off the VHS2DVD Wizard CD before plugging in your device.


3. "When I try to capture video, the software only captures a portion of the tape or the captured audio/video is out of sync."


If you experience this problem, try capturing video using another "Recording Profile."


At the "Video Capture" step, choose "WMV Best Quality" as the "Recording Profile (at the bottom). Then try capturing video again and see if this resolves the problem.



4. I have Windows 7 (32-bit), but the driver will not install, what do I do?

A. Insert the blue Wizard CD and close the auto run menu when it appears. Then, then plug your video capture device.

B. Go to the Start Button and type the words "Device Manager", then click on it when it shows up in your listing.

C. In the device manager (System Control Panel, Device Manager Link), find the USB Capture Device with the Yellow Exclamation mark. Right click on this item and choose Update Driver.

D. Do NOT have Windows find the driver automatically (or click Have Disc from Manufacturer); instead, choose to browse the computer for the best driver.

E. Browse to the drive with the Wizard CD in it and choose the Driver folder to install from, you will only be able to choose the driver folder, nothing will appear from inside of it.

F. You may get a warning that the driver is not Windows Logo Tested. This is normal; choose to continue the installation anyways.

G. Once the update completes, the device will now appear correctly in the Imaging Devices category.

H. Reboot the computer and the driver will be installed.

Note: Even after you have the driver installed correctly, it may have to be adjusted, you will find those step-by-step instructions on the 2nd to the last page in the manual.



5. "My VCR only has one 'audio out' jack. What do I do?"


If your VCR only has one audio-out jack, you need to get this inexpensive splitter:




6. "I get a warning message when installing the driver for the video capture device."


Please click "Continue Anyway" to continue installing the driver.


It's safe to install. Microsoft makes it sound dangerous. The only way to get it officially "approved" by Microsoft is to pay expensive fees.

For more information, see:




7. "I don't have a VCR to use to transfer my tapes. Where can I get one?"

You can get an Emerson EWV404 VCR on eBay for a good price:

Click here to find the Emerson EWV404 on eBay.


8. "I need the tutorial, or I'm not sure how to use the software."

Here is a link to the step-by-step tutorial on how to use the VHS2DVD Wizard software:




For all other issues and inquiries, please open a ticket at the VHS2DVD Wizard support desk at:




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