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Got a bunch of old photos of your family or a bunch of documents that you want to digitalize?

With the Photo2USB Converter, it's simple to convert those photos & documents to digital format!

The Photo2USB Converter allows you to scan any size of photo or document, and automatically crops and saves it onto the included memory card.

Works with Windows & Mac.

Convert Your Tapes To CD & MP3 in Just 3 Easy Steps!
Introducing the Vinyl2USB

Convert Any Cassette Tape To CD or MP3
(Including Commercial or Copy-Protected Tapes)


Plug & Play - No Drivers Required!


Audio Recording Software Included


Compact & Lightweight - It's Portable!


BONUS! ClearClick® Audio CD Burner Software


PC & Macintosh - 100% Compatible With Both

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With the Audio2USB™ Cable, you'll be able to record high-quality audio to your PC quickly and easily.

Just plug the cable into any free USB port on your computer. Plug the other end into any audio source.

The cable can record from 1/8", 1/4", or RCA audio jacks with the included adapters. You can record from cassette tape players, turntables, guitars, keyboards, and more.

Works with PC/Windows and Mac OS X.